One person’s story of holistic care

APPEAL’s Survivor Advocacy service and why it matters


Over the past 20 years I have been involved with several legal teams but I can honestly say that APPEAL is the first to see me as more than just a case to progress. They see me as a complete, multi-faceted, individual. This has proven to be essential in the way that Cath, one of APPEAL’s Survivors Advocates, has supported me. She has repeatedly assisted me with sorting my health appointments and has gone above and beyond with trying to access adequate mental health support for me. Additionally, when I wanted to move to Scotland she talked it all through with me to see if there was anything she could do to help with my move and all the added complications such a move presents for someone in my situation (such as liaising with probation).


Since my move I have been in constant contact with Cath to handle difficulties with my new accommodation. She has been able to advise me and help me to deal with my landlord and their responsibilities. This is all practical stuff, but that’s not all Cath has been doing. She has been there to support me on a psychological level whilst mental health services are arranged here. Cath has been there to answer my calls, reply to my messages, and, when she hasn’t heard from me for a while, to reach out and see if I am alright. Her continued and consistent support has been invaluable.


Written by Cookie, a woman that APPEAL represents

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