APPEAL is a law charity that fights miscarriages of justice and demands reform. 

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Righting the wrongs of the criminal justice system.


Innocence Initiative

British justice should be the best in the world, and yet innocent people are sent to prison. Our Innocence Initiative tries to right these wrongs, and find justice for those wrongfully convicted.

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Women's Justice Initiative

Women are often overlooked within the criminal justice system. Our Women's Justice Initiative looks to challenge unsafe convictions and sentences for women who are multiply disadvantaged.

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Open Justice Initiative

True transparency is often the only way to ensure a fair system. We demand reform in the way the courts handle evidence, disclosure and provide access to records, in order to promote open justice for all. 

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Bound by Injustice

Miscarriages of justice impact a prisoner's loved ones, too. Learn about our powerful advocacy and support group inspired by the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

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Keep up with our latest news.

Make sure you stay up to date with APPEAL’s latest developments, from case updates and press coverage to commentary from our team of lawyers and investigators. 

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