Andy Malkinson

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Andy Malkinson on the steps of the Court of Appeal on 26 July 2023, just after his name was finally cleared. Photo credit: Ben Broomfield.


Andy Malkinson spent more than 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. 

DNA evidence APPEAL commissioned proved his innocence and, in July 2023, judges overturned his wrongful conviction for rape and finally cleared his name.

The Government ordered a judge-led inquiry, with the Justice Secretary saying:

“Andrew Malkinson suffered an atrocious miscarriage of justice and he deserves thorough and honest answers as to how and why it took so long to uncover.”

While Andy was in prison, he could have lied and made a false confession to be released sooner. Instead, he told the truth – that he was innocent. He kept fighting for justice, and that cost him an extra decade behind bars. 

Now free and with his name cleared, Andy is putting his life back together. He is determined to fight to make sure what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else.

In December 2023, Andy was invited to guest edit the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4. He explored the impact wrongful convictions have on individuals and their families, and spoke of how he survived his years behind bars by liberating his mind through the study of mathematics, physics and astronomy.

Why did it take 20 years to get justice? 

Andy’s case was turned down twice by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) – the body that is supposed to look into wrongful convictions. It refused to commission DNA testing and didn’t even look at the police files. If it had it would have seen that the police withheld crucial evidence of Andy’s innocence at his trial.

This is exactly the kind of miscarriage of justice that APPEAL was set up to fight – and we won. 

We’re experts in investigating cases like Andy’s – uncovering new evidence and exposing wrongful convictions.

We know that Andy is not the only one – hundreds of others have requested APPEAL’s help.

To hear more about Andy’s case you can listen to this podcast from the Times here or watch the BBC documentary on his case.

Send a message of support to Andy

Andy is rebuilding his life and wants to travel – send a message of support (and any suggestions of where he should visit) 👇

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Andy is rebuilding his life and wants to travel – send a message of support (and any suggestions of where he should visit)👇

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