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Our work is only possible thanks to the generous financial support from all of our donors, as well as the expertise and support from our pro-bono partners and grant funders. Our small team at APPEAL are only able to work on cases, campaign for reform and provide holistic support and guidance to those directly affected by miscarriages of justice with your contributions.

Grant-Giving Organisations:

Grant-givers’ support on particular projects enables APPEAL to bring targeted challenges to injustices in the system, and unrestricted funding supports our core casework and enables our organisation to keep operating.

Grant-givers’ include:

Law Firms:

We couldn’t offer wrongfully-convicted people the depth and breadth of investigation and litigation that they deserve without the additional support provided by commercial law firms through our pro-bono scheme.

Pro bono partners help us with casework by ensuring that all prisoners that write to appeal can have their case properly assessed. In addition to helping challenge wrongful convictions and unfair sentence, APPEAL can provide opportunites for partners to assist with strategic litigation or reform projects. Some examples of our work include the exoneration of Andy Malkinson in 2023 and the end the use of imprisonment for the non-payment of council tax.

The work undertaken by pro bono partners on potential miscarriage of justice cases is varied, and opportunity for learning and development, and most importantly, rewarding and directly contributes to the outcome of a particular case.


Our work is only possible with thanks to the generous

Partners include:


We want to inspire the next generation of social justice lawyers to join the fight for an equitable and accountable justice system. We work with law departments in universities to offer specialist training to aspiring solicitors and barristers.


We would also like especially to thank all of our individual donors including those who have donated directly to support the lives of the people we represent.

If you would like to discuss becoming a partner or donating to APPEAL, please contact

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