The last remaining photograph of Petee

The last remaining photograph of Petee


Part One: Surviving Petee

Cookie’s baby son Petee died tragically, suddenly and without explanation. Weeks later the police knock on the door, and her life is turned upside down.


Produced and edited by Lizzie Norton, May Robson and Naima Sakande.

All the music featured in this episode is licensed by Audioblocks.

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Cookie’s Poetry


A hunk of meat in a freezer

Reddened by the cutting.

That is how they see my son.

Theirs to dissect and decimate.

Examine and explore.

They do not see what I see,

In this, his time of sleep.

The stillness of his angelic, sleeping face.

The remembered glow of his laughing smile.

His tiny fingers grasping. Reaching for his bottle.

His father.


They see a numbered hunk of meat

Where I, alone, see my son.         



 my mind tells me he’s dead

cold and detached

no longer of this world

that his being has transcended

to a higher place

to float around me

in the air that I breathe

In the cold reality of death

the isolation of insanity.

but my heart says different

he cannot be gone-

gone-with a chance of return?

lost-with the possibility of found?

two separate entities

there is no place where death and life combine

two different continents

drifting like islands

in an emotional sea

only I can be the eternal whirlpool

the bridge across the great divide

between detached longing

cold heat-

insanity and reality-

and so it is

I bridge that great divide