Roger Khan


I don’t want sympathy, I just want a chance to present the evidence. Just look at the DNA. I wasn’t there, so why am I here?
— Roger Khan

Roger Khan has been waiting for a fair hearing since he was arrested in November 2010. 

Roger, now aged 64, maintains his innocence of the brutal beating of his nephew’s brother in law in Newton Abbott in 2010. We have identified a suspect who the police did not pursue who had a personal connection with one of the investigating officers. DNA of another person not prosecuted was found on the bar used in the beating, as well as on blood-stained clothing. 

Roger was arrested at home in London. He told the local solicitors assigned to his case that they could prove his alibi by accessing CCTV footages from the pubs and shops he had visited in town on the night of the beating. But because, as a non-local, he was unable to tell them the names of the locations he had visited, they did not do so. He asked the judge for a new set of representatives – but a second firm also failed to investigate his alibi. When he again complained to the judge, Roger was told it was these lawyers or no lawyers - so he decided to go it alone. 

Roger’s ability to defend himself was severely hampered by his borderline intellectual functioning and dyslexia, which were not recognised by the court or the lawyers previously assigned to his case. He struggled to even read the evidence offered against him, let alone ask for the expert assistance he needed to challenge it. 

Roger has been trying to clear his name ever since.  

You can read more about Roger's case in the Spectator and the Guardian.

Roger Khan:  Wrongfully imprisoned

Roger Khan: Wrongfully imprisoned

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