"The Centre for Criminal Appeals offer a small number of prisoners a faint ray of hope" - Centre's Founder, Emily Bolton, featured in iNews

Centre for Criminal Appeals founder and Legal Director, Emily Bolton, was featured in an iNews article yesterday, explaining why it is so important the Centre exists.

Having founded the Innocence Project in New Orleans and worked on death row cases in Louisiana, she explains how much the UK system has to learn from the US.

The article states, "The experience and lessons learned in the US have been invaluable in her quest for justice in the UK. Bolton argues that the Allan case worryingly demonstrates that when it comes to the right of access to police reports and trial transcripts the UK system is lagging far behind the US.

Without these rights, a convicted defendant won’t know whether there is evidence in police or prosecutors’ hands that will exonerate him or her. Under the present system, you can only ask for something that you know exists."

Emily Bolton, centre

Emily Bolton, centre

Emily highlights the many barriers to overturning wrongful convictions in the UK, including the failing the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the miscarriage of justice watchdog. Read more about our Six Point Plan for reform of the CCRC here

Naima Sakande